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Posted July 12, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Does this also apply for natives born in Vrishabha and Tula rasis? Posted July 13, Your content will need to be approved by a moderator. You are commenting as a guest. If you have an account, please sign in. Reply to this topic Announcements Posts are approved by the moderators once or twice a day. Raja yogas existing at the same time as Sanyasa Yogas is not a rare situation.

They may manifest differently depending on one's culture and environment along with the family that one is born into in this world. However, while I may not take to the forests, river banks or mountains eating roots and nuts like a vanaprastha of the solar Sanyasa Yoga, my interests do include the forest and the environment in general. Four planets in the 6th house, the house of animals and pets, ruled by Mars, the planet 6. From the Moon, the Sanyasa Yoga takes place in the 3rd house of communication, including writing, which is the "career" path that I chose.

Not writing of novels or textbooks, but I leaned much more toward a role of activism and advocacy on a range of issues with a strong bias toward healing our planet. Mars is the final "dispositor" of all the planets and his natural significations have been strong in my life history so far.

Additionally, Saturn and Ketu stand for animals, particularly dogs, which have also played a huge role. Both these planets are quite strong and well-positioned for worldly activities, and the can also stand for the forest as well as the terra firma. Saturn and Ketu also signify the common person and democracy and it has been in line with this focus that I have directed my political activity.

All the planets were under the horizon when I was born on Thanksgiving night, Nov. Henry Wrede, had his holiday dinner interrupted and it was a long labor.

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I was already delayed quite a number of days past my expected arrival. According to my baby book under "Birthmarks" it says "he has a dimple on his back shoulder," although it actually is a mole on the backbone between the shoulders.

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If we look at one diurnal cycle as representing the whole lifetime, then my visible planets would starting "rising" over the horizon about a quarter of the way through my life. That could explain why I was very much a "late bloomer," who really started getting active in a worldly way starting at about 29 years old. What I would attribute to my "successes," though, would have a strong spiritual basis, and even my public persona is more separated from the orthodox, conventional or even "acceptable.

According to Western astrology, my chart can be described as well "at home. Both of the luminaries and Mercury are in peregrine neutral signs. The Moon and Venus are in the angular 4th house and angles as the best houses in the Western system. The Sun, Mars and Mercury are in the trinal 5th house with trines being the second best houses. Jupiter and Saturn are in the 6th , which does not hold the same malefic indications as in the Vedic system.

Therefore, in terms of placement against the fixed stars and ascendant, the situation is quite enviable. Of course, three planets are still combust keeping things "real" throughout life. Astrology and Family History Now, some in the extended clan wonder whether astrology can tell us anything about our sacred lineage given its history. Astrology has a way of correlating with mundane events or so it is claimed.

One thing in deciphering geographic and history-based astrology is finding the "center" or the "lagna" as they would say in the Vedic system. Now, any type of rationale can be used to determine the center. Different types of astrological systems from around the world have assigned their own centers depending on their specific worldviews.

In this region is found the maximum marine biodiversity, and the ocean is considered primal in terms of life on Earth.

Vedic Astrology and Horoscope Readings

There are also various aspects of the global gravitational and magnetic forces; the ocean currents and winds; the migration routes of animals and humans; the trade routes and ocean connections; and other factors that would justify the area as the "lagna. Let's place Pinatubo as center based on its primacy among a wide range of peoples in the area. Using the astrological signs, you could position the first point of Aries at this meridian.

Now, taking astrologer Varahamihira's cue, we would then count the signs going toward the east from this degree. We can see some clue toward this even in the astronomical systems used by the indigenous tribes currently in the region.


The position of Orion's Belt Balatik is particularly important. For example, this asterism is often used to determine the start of the year or seasons depending on its elevation above the horizon. Back in ancient times, for example, during the early spring, Orion's Belt would be about 45 degrees above the eastern horizon at sunrise. The start of Aries and the lunar asterism Ashwini Horse's Head , then, would be near the zenith, which in the usage of celestial navigators would align it geographically with this precise area. Now counting from that meridian and going toward the east, we arrive in Sacramento, California at about degrees across the zodiac.

This would be a trine aspect and align with the sign Leo and the Vedic asterism Magha Regulus. You can also count the signs in the same way going along the latitudes instead of the longitudes toward the north as the Sun travels from spring to summer. Arriving in Sacramento, you again travel across to the latitudes corresponding to the sign Leo. Pedro and his son Agapito Pete arrived in Honolulu, a U. This marked the beginning of a new age for this line of the family. Here is the chart for the day using the sidereal reckoning of Vedic astrology: Avid astrologers will quickly note that the Sun, Saturn and Venus are in exaltation while Mercury is in debilitation.

In the Vedic system, exaltation, debilitation and other dignities are by sign more than degree as in the Western system. However, in some Indian schools they also recognize a degree of maximum exaltation and debilitation. The Sun and Venus are near the maximum exaltation with the Sun the closest. Saturn has just entered his exaltation phase. Mercury is near the point of maximum debilitation. One can see that the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu have formed a near perfect axis between Aries where the Sun is posited and Libra where Saturn sits.

Sanyasa Yoga or Pravrajya Yoga

The Sun can represent the father and Saturn is the son of the Sun. So, we can see the Sun exalted at the "top" representing the Skyworld, which in esoteric thinking can also stand for the old homeland.

Sanyasa Yogam. MS Astrology - Vedic Astrology in Telugu Series.

Saturn as the son of the Sun is just entering exaltation in Libra on "Earth" having arrived in a new homeland. The nodes can stand for the karmic connections that link the past, present and future. From the Moon in its own sign in Cancer along the Rahu-Ketu axis, Saturn is in the fourth house of home and land Earth. Saturn is in the tenth representing the Mid-Heaven. The Sun is hemmed in by Venus, Mercury on the left and Jupiter and Mars on the right representing the entire old clan.

Debilitated Mercury might stand for the sadness of one's brothers and sisters as Mercury is the natural significator, and also rules the third house from Moon, which would stand for one's siblings and cousins. However, the planet's debility might be cancelled by its association with exalted Venus. Both Saturn and Venus are retrograde, and this could stand for the start of a new union with a new land and the beginning of new families.

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Eventually, Pete would help in bringing most of his immediate family to the United States starting with Uncle Jack. War between the United States and Spain ultimately opened up the door for the family immigration to America. The fateful moment may have been the Battle of Manila Bay won in one day on May 1, Looking for any indications of conflict in this chart, we can immediately note two oppositions.

Venus in its own sign of Taurus is opposed to Saturn and Mars opposes Jupiter.