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I wanted everything to be as transparent as possible, seeing as reading them was like attempting to read hieroglyphics. Long story short, it ended. But I got into a longer and better relationship. One with myself and astrology! Still learning and still growing. I hope you enjoy. Thank you. View more posts. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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You are the king. Dramatic solar flaring and flouncing, down a notch to murderous irritation, and then you allow yourself to be soothed by a meaty titbit thrown by a terrified acolyte. Leos would not deign to behave inconsiderately around the toothpaste. There must be some mistake. Of course you are never late. How could you be? No event would ever start until you and your entourage arrive, surely? In your case, the gauge has to be recalibrated, as you maintain the constant inner seethe-rate you were born with.

In a time-locked closet in your bathroom are 3 x individual, pre-wrapped, disposable toothbrushes, each loaded with the precise amount of toothpaste needed for one cleaning. Only you have the key.

Darkside Zodiac

You are never, ever late; or early, for that matter. You pout, flounce, toss your curls and stamp your little foot; it always works.

Zodiac DarkSide Gemini

You have three kinds of pump-action dispenser instead, and there is always an intimate friend around to help you choose which flavour you want. What would be cool about that? You stare intimidatingly and speak with ominous quiet, to summon your henchmen. You neither leave the lid off the toothpaste nor squeeze from the middle of the tube; you either use rock salt and a twig, or minimalist Japanese designer.

Scorpios are never late. You like to get there a bit early so that you can observe your victim arrive; then you calculate an angle of approach that ensures the sun shines directly into their eyes. Your ideal date is a midweek hotel room with the wife of a close friend. Red mist, loud shouting, violent rampage, possibly with weapons which include your bare hands , then you canter off in a different direction and forget all about it.

They are not the most generous astrological sign because they give to receive, although they are not stingy. They know all the secrets of eros and enjoy the intimacy of passion without limits. Envy haunts them when someone else has the power and is undeservedly rich.

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When talking about food, they have an entirely incomprehensible attitude. Extreme as they are, is followed by a phase of gluttony or complete abstinence from food. When eating outside, they prefer small cafes. Irritable as they are, they can manipulate the scene to those who oppose them.

When angry, they become aggressive and prone to physical conflict. They sleep little and have the inner strength to overcome difficult problems. Workaholics as are, they do not waste time. Their main characteristic is confidence, but can be perceived as arrogance. They prefer to give orders than to listen.

They do not know what that is because they want to enjoy all of the life's pleasures, especially because ruled by Jupiter, which gives them a characteristic of generous altruists. They are not saving kind, but if run out of money, will become unhappy. More than fornication, they love conquests. They love to fascinate the victim; they are fiery, rashly, they do not know what delicacy in eroticism is, and finally — they are lusty. They are too generous and confident in themselves to be envious. Regardless prefer to win in sports and life, they feel a little envy when someone consecutive wins.

They are greedy and prone to large quantities of food, and half-empty fridge throws them into despair.

They love innovations in gastronomy, from traditional to exotic cuisine. They are not familiar with peevishness, and their anger is short-lived. Incorrigible idealists and suffer when some of their friends take advantage of their sincerity.

See a Problem?

They are pretentious and ambitious; they like to command, and because of pride and arrogance they cannot accept compromises. However, they know how to hide their tyrannical character with their expert conduct. They are very careful with their spending and stingy to give something to someone because they see them as possible rivals. Because they are cold and reserved, they can only be twisted lovers. They enter into the heart of fornication.

They have a balanced taste and prefer traditional cuisine. Mars, the god of war, in the sign of Capricorn, found its maximum. Although they can control themselves, sometimes can be explosive and prove unstoppable rage. Unsuspected are the strength of their cruelty. Because of their enormous ambition and commitment to the professional level, they are unable to relax, but sometimes it seems that they are lazy. Each Aquarius has some areas of life in which is special and best or thinks to be.

This can be a banality, but is important to them. They are intellectual snobs, not tactics, and often arrogant. They love to spend money and are not stingy.

The Dark Side of Your Moon

Lust is manifested in sado - masochistic style with candles that encourage the atmosphere of immorality. It's hard to imagine them as envious persons because they are really happy when someone succeeds in what they want. Greed and gluttony for them are an abstract concept. Impressed by the exotic cuisine that wish to experience in the country of its origin. They are not immune to laziness. However usually manage to defeat inertia and then become ready for big actions. Pisces are sensitive and immersed in their world of dreams, they aspire to spiritual qualities, and proud of having held above material things.

Due to their sensitivity, they put on the mask of arrogance. They are not stingy, and toward themselves are more than wasteful. They are passionate, imaginative and with a bit of masochism, which, in moments of ecstasy, brings their partners to a climax. Lust is in their blood. As for jealousy, they envy those who do not lose time to accomplish what they want. Eating is a real passion for them. At the table, they compensate all the suffering that they have in life and swallow everything that comes into their hands. They love dishes with aphrodisiac effect. They are not conquerors and do not know aggressiveness nor courage in attacking terms.